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Kre­a­tiv U-­turn Apprenticeship Project

A City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot Signature Project

The Milkweed Collective Kreativ U-turn Project was selected by Toronto Culture for one of six Cultural Hotspot Partnership Projects to run in Etobicoke during 2015. During May and June professional artist-educators of the Milkweed Collective will train eight Emerging Artists, 18 to 25 years of age, with artistic, educational, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to facilitate the Exploring Creativity in Depth® (ECiD) program.

ECiD is a well-tested and validated program that inspires children, youth and adults with their authentic creative potential through experiencing, making and sharing art. The eight Emerging Artists will undergo a round of intensive training in the core concepts and techniques of the ECiD program. They will then assist Milkweed staff in facilitating the ECiD program with four classes of school-aged children. Emerging Artists will shadow staff during warm-up activities, making oil pastel drawings, visioning exercises and breakout discussion groups. They will co-lead discussion groups, respond to children with varying abilities and learning styles, evoke thoughts and feelings and manage group dynamics.

Mentored by the Milkweed staff, the Emerging Artists will design and direct community arts programming that combines dance, drama, music and visual art. The programs will tap into the creative imagination, engage the creative process, motivate the whole personality, and instill the love of making art and sharing art with the community. In July, Emerging Artists will design and direct summer arts programs for children and youth at three Etobicoke community centres: Richview Library, Arts Etobicoke and Mimico Library. The program at each centre will run three hours per day for a five-day period. During September the Emerging Artists will develop and curate a collaborative show that combines their creativity with that of the children and youth they instructed. The Kreativ U-turn Project will culminate during Culture Days with a month-long exhibition of artwork by the artists, youth and children. The project culminates in a community-oriented multi- arts performance at Richview Library, Sept. 26-27.

The complete announcement including the schedule for the program is available
Please see the Programs page for more information on other ECiD projects.

Exploring Creativity in Depth is made possible by the support of
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