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Exploring Creativity in Depth 

The Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program has been developed over a period of two decades by a team of artist-teachers led by Austin Clarkson, Ph.D. Since 2002 the ECID has been provided to over 6,000 children, grades 1 to 8, from twenty-five schools in the Toronto area. The program is also available for children in special education and youth with special needs. The program has been funded by grants from the Ontario Arts Council, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Toronto Arts Council, and gifts from private donors. The Neilson Park Creative Centre and Arts Etobicoke have supported the program since it began. 

• The program enables participants to access their authentic creative potential in an atmosphere that is relaxed, supportive, and well structured.
• Through visioning exercises that activate the creative imagination participants express emergent images and feelings in original pictures, poems, and stories.
• By valuing each individual’s artwork the program promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, enthusiasm for art, and respect for artists.
• By facilitating the respectful discussion of artwork in small groups the program fosters mutual understanding and reciprocity.
• By mobilizing the deep structure of the creative process the program evokes meaningful and often transformative experiences in participants with or without background in art.